Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Organization Day!

I know they have a day for everything, and today, is National Organization Day! Along with helping people decorate their offices and homes, I offer organizational consultations and services. But! Organizing your stuff is only part of it. Organizing the habits and time of a family or office is just as important. This blog post is for the teachers out there. Especially one in particular. Lindsay Lester, at my youngest's middle school needs breakfast for goodness sake! Teachers have for decades trusted dinner to slow cookers and been better for it. I have lots of great posts for that in the future, but not today, folks. Let's talk the most important meal of the day. I give you, Egg in a Cup.
I have seen many incarnations of this, but mine throws in an extra punch of protein.
Egg in a cup
2 eggs
2 Tbs fat free half and half
dash salt
dash pepper
two strips of turkey bacon
the amount of cheese you feel like

First, grab your coffee cup of choice. Sometimes I rinse out the one that has been holding my caffeine earlier. Spray generously with cooking spray. Crack the two eggs in and add the half and half. You can use milk if you like, the half and half happens to be sitting out from my previous caffeine binge. Whisk and put in the microwave for 60 seconds. Take out, add the salt and pepper, and microwave another 60 seconds. At that point I take it out and do another "Time Trick". I get kitchen sheers (clean regular scissors will work) and cut up little pieces of turkey bacon right into the cup.  I do that with some things while cooking for a short cut. You don't have to clean a cutting board that way. (But do wash the scissors afterwards, because gross). Stir, Microwave another 60 seconds. Now, here is the convenient part. It takes a bit for this to cool off, so grab your cup and a spoon and jump in the car and start your day. Even a cup with a lid would be helpful. Mrs. Lindsay could even nosh on this WHILE doing her crossing guard duty. As I said, this creates less mess to clean up, even until the end. Fill the coffee cup with water and microwave for 2 minutes. The egg funk will some off very easily. I recommend filling with water regardless as dried egg is a beast to scrub off.
Do you have your own space or time problem? Contact me I will see what I can come up with. And please, like my business page, Amy Madison Design. I promise to keep the tips coming!

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