Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Spring Meltdown

After Spring Break the schools are filled with students who are, to be blunt, OVER IT. 

The average student has some serious spring fever. But what about those dealing with special needs and developmental issues?  The pressure of testing and the change in daylight savings time can lead to an academic disaster. What is a parent to do? With eleven weeks left in school, many of us are out of steam. Can you imagine how the kids feel? Well, let me help you with that. I can sit down with your family and help you develop some fun, low stress systems to help you get through end of school. Organization isn't about stuff, it's about you. What does your family need to get out the door in the morning? More than that, what do you all need to get food on the table AND get home work done AND get chores done so that laundry, cleaning and errands don't pull you under. 

Every year at this time, our house, with all the unique, special needs kids, resolute personalities and stresses, had to refresh and get VERY creative. I have had many wonderful people in my corner to be resources and comfort in this effort. Years of research and survival can now benefit you. Message me to get a free consultation if your home. The front lines of your struggle will help reveal what you need to not only survive, but thrive and find the blessings in the uniqueness of your family. The conversation is free, the implementation will be priceless. 

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